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With YellowPages Outsourcing, what you see is not what you get; we provide the infrastructure and a whole host of services to your dedicated employee that if you had to pay for in the US would cost more than the $20-25 an hour. If you add up all the costs of having an employee in addition to their salary, in most cases it easily adds up to $30-$40 per hour. We provide the same service for under $3 per hour.

  • The IT Guy to keep everything running and virus free for your dedicated employee.
  • The HR staff to find and retain your dedicated employee.
  • The supervisor to make sure your dedicated employee is on-time and on task.
  • The Payroll clerk to calculate and pay your dedicated employee.
  • The space your dedicated employee works in, including cubicle, chair,etc.
  • Enterprise grade telephone from a Tier 1 vendor with Headset
  • A dedicated phone line with unlimited incoming/outgoing calls.
  • We provide the Janitor to clean up after your dedicated employee.
  • The paper, ink, office supplies, cleaning supplies and bathroom supplies and a whole lot more...

Add this all up and you are getting 1000's of dollars worth of built in value.

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