Facebook has taken the world by storm and now has over 400 million users with over 50% of these users logging in daily. With users accessing Facebook 500 billion minutes per month you can start to see how effective Facebook really is on a local, national and international scale.

So how can your business benefit from this?

Facebook allows businesses and other organizations to promote their services with a “Fan Site” for FREE! OK so you may already have a fan site but how can you get people interested in your services without spending massive amounts of marketing dollars? People vote with their feet so by promoting your services to a large number of fans you can generate conversions on your sales for a fraction of the price you might pay with some PPC or affiliate programs.

This is where YellowOutsourcing can help…

Fan Bullet has a massive network of worldwide Facebook fan pages, groups, and profiles with access to millions of Facebook users. Depending on your offering we match our Facebook users with your facebook page to ensure that you are getting quality fans that are most likely to be converted into customers. Obviously some users on the network will love your page (and become fans) and some won’t. We won’t stop until we have attracted the required number of fans to ensure you have a great sales database!

Interested Fan’s or ‘Likes’ with Fan Bullet can cost you as little as $0.20- and this is a converted person. PPC programs can cost you $1-$2 just to try and get a prospective customer and if you convert 10% of these, the real price for that one interested customer is $10.00. See the price difference?

Still not convinced?

With a database of fans you can actively promote new products, services, sales and facebook only deals. By offering these directly to the end-user via their facebook feed (now remember 50% of users login daily) it becomes far more effective than email advertising and is far less intrusive!